Summary of Action

In July 2019, based on a consumer tip, investigated Snow Teeth Whitening’s marketing and determined that it is improperly using an FDA logo in violation of the FDA’s Logo Policy. Specifically, the Arizona-based dental cosmetics company prominently featured an FDA logo in its marketing materials, including its product packaging, website, and social media platforms despite the FDA’s ban against the use of the logo in private sector materials, sending the false and misleading message that the FDA “favors or endorses” Snow Teeth Whitening products. The company also falsely claimed that its teeth whitening products were FDA-approved.

Based on these findings, filed a complaint letter with the FDA on July 10, 2019 urging it to commence an investigation into the company’s improper use of its FDA logo and take appropriate enforcement action. Within two weeks of’s complaint, Snow Teeth Whitening removed the FDA logo from its product packaging, as well as claims in its marketing materials that its products are FDA-approved. However, the company continued using the FDA logo in certain other marketing materials, prompting to send a follow-up letter to the FDA on August 8, 2019.

Check back for updates.

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