Street Dirt Track’s ‘Made in USA’ Claims

August 24th, 2016

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Street Dirt Track (SDT), a California-based automotive parts company that recently shifted some manufacturing overseas, says inaccurate “Made in USA” claims on eBay listings for its lift and level kits have yet to be scrubbed from the online marketplace because — get this — the company’s marketing department has yet to finalize a new ad campaign.

“Now that we have the (foreign-made) products in inventory, our marketing team has been developing a new visual campaign to update our website and eBay listings with corrected manufacturing information,” SDT said in response to a inquiry that was prompted by a reader complaint.

But there appears to be no rush toward transparency. The company said that the new ad campaign “should be complete and implemented by mid-September.” Until then, there’s no telling which, if any, SDT products labeled “Made in USA” on eBay are actually made in America or whether those products are now manufactured overseas.

UPDATE 8/24/16 (hours after publication): An SDT Dodge lift kit previously labeled “Made in USA” on eBay (see visual above or full eBay listing here) is now labeled “Designed in the USA” on the e-commerce website.

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