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The Federal Trade Commission previously investigated Target Corporation’s use of false and deceptive “Made in the USA” product labeling. In response to the FTC’s investigation, Target made numerous assurances to the agency that it had implemented a system for identifying, correcting, and prohibiting false U.S.-origin claims, which prompted the FTC to close its investigation in March 2017 and send Target a closing letter.  Unfortunately, Target’s plan completely ignored its website, which receives more than one billion page views each month and has driven a consistent increase in Target product sales in the last several years. This omission has left room for the retail giant to continue its false and deceptive USA labeling online. investigated Target’s website – – and found that false and deceptive Made in the USA labeling issues are widespread on its site. Specifically, catalogued a sampling of 100 examples in which the Target website displays product specifications that falsely state “Made in the USA” for products made wholly or partially in other countries.’s sampling includes several Target-brand products in addition to numerous other brands, and contains products made in whole or in part in more than a dozen countries, including China, Malaysia, Korea, Mexico, Germany, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, Turkey, Spain, Peru, Chile, Ireland, and Canada.

As a result of these findings, sent a complaint letter to the FTC requesting that it re-open its investigation into Target’s Made in the USA statements and take appropriate enforcement action.

In October 2017, performed an audit of the 100 examples of deceptive origin claims made on and found that Target had addressed all 100, either by correcting or removing the origin information.

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