Do It Yourself Testosterone Trick – Force Factor

April 9th, 2014

This image right here?

testosterone trick

Have you seen it all over the web? Everywhere there are web ads? A hand holding what looks like a large blister or a squishy pill? Did you know it doesn’t have anything to do with testosterone, or blood pressure, or weight loss?

It’s not a pill; it’s an image of a jellyfish, and it’s not only used to sell Force Factor. Stock footage images like this — weird images meant to catch your eye — pop up all over the web in fishy ads. Our jellyfish here is also used to pitch “one weird trick” to kill blood pressure, because eating jellyfish solves all life’s problems.

Force Factor has caught’s eye before. Factor 2, sold by Force Factor, will make you totally jacked and also taller, apparently.

Eye-catching stock photos that have nothing to do with the product are pretty good indicators that something is amiss in an advertisement. Notice something familiar? Searching the image on Google Image Search should tip you off. Images with hundreds of results — particularly testimonial images — may be stolen from another site and have nothing to do with the product. Very often, they’re just images of sea life on someone’s hand.

Eye-catching image in that ad? Weird, pill-looking thing in someone’s hand? Exotic sea creatures in disguise? Really over-the-top claims? Egads! Should you see any of those things in an ad, know something is off.

Or maybe you really can increase your testosterone, lower your blood pressure, and lose weight by gobbling up jellyfish. Realistically though . . . it seems unlikely.

Research whether the image in an advertisement is legit if something seems off about it. You should trust your instincts over a picture of someone holding a jellyfish.

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