The Financial Trust Company

In August 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against The Financial Trust Company for allegedly operating a fraudulent Ponzi Scheme that resulted in the loss of “hundreds of million dollars … to over 200,000 investors who … invested in [] securities based on false memoranda, financial statements and supporting documents which promised profitable investments and high returns.” Plaintiffs also named an individual “co-conspirator” of the scheme in the complaint for allegedly misrepresenting how the invested money would be used, and for allegedly misappropriating funds for his own personal use to support his “lavish lifestyle.” (Gerber et al v. The Financial Trust Co. and Jeffrey Epstein, Case No. 18-cv-7580, S. D. NY.)

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A fraudulent investment operation that tricks investors into thinking that they will earn lots of money on a short-term investment, when, in reality, there isn’t any investment opportunity at all. Rather, the promoter just uses the money from new recruits to pay off the older investors. In other words, stealing from Peter to give to Paul.


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