Published on April 8th, 2014 | by Bonnie Patten

1 Is Listening was contacted by informing us that our ad, “The Truth’s Not Always Easy,” features a negative portrayal of a transgender woman. Since that time, we have: issued an apology, taken down that version of the video and suspended all promotion of it, communicated with experts, and finally, and most importantly, we have changed the lyrics and scene to address the concerns that were raised.

Thanks to all for your patience and to those who helped educate me, and the rest of, about this important issue.

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Bonnie, executive director of, is an attorney and mother of three. Her commitment to educating the public about deceptive marketing stems from her belief that education is the only viable way to effectively eradicate the market for false ads.

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  1. Deanna D. says:

    I am VERY offended by by the portrayal of the transgender woman in the Truth Is Not Always Easy video. I am a trans woman. I ask you to permanently remove the offensive section from your video, because it reinforces negative stereotypes og transgender women, which have often been applied against me. We are very often targets of discrimination and violence, far out of proportion to our numbers, and your ad enables further targeting. Unless that’s your goal, please remove that particular segment, permanently. Thank you.

    Deanna Deville

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