Uber Gratuities

February 2017: A federal judge granted final approval of a settlement agreement that resolves this lawsuit. According to the settlement terms, class members will be refunded the amount of the gratuity that is claimed to have been kept by the company. If class members have an Uber account and either do not provide a mailing address or do not cash their settlement check, the company agreed to credit their Uber account.

January 2014: A false-advertising class-action lawsuit was filed against Uber, the transportation services mobile app company, for allegedly deceptively representing that it automatically adds 20% to the fare as a gratuity for the driver when, according to the plaintiffs, the company keeps a portion of this 20% gratuity for a profit. (Plaintiffs filed an amended complaint in April 2014.) (Ehret et al v. Uber Technologies, Inc., Case No. 14-cv-00113, N.D. Cal.).


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