Summary of Action

During the course of its investigation into Utah-companies Vapex, Sinless Vapor, and OZN Web, sent a request for records to the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Consumer Protection. was seeking, among other things, copies of consumer complaints the Division had received about the companies. regularly obtains these types of records about companies from the FTC and other state agencies during the course of its investigations. Utah, however, denied’s request, stating that consumer complaints are classified as protected and private under the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). appealed the Division’s denial of records, but the appeal was quickly turned down by the Department of Commerce. then appealed to the State Records Committee.

Siding with, the State Records Committee overturned the Department’s decision and granted’s request for copies of consumer complaints regarding the three Utah companies. The Committee determined that the documents were no longer confidential since the Division had publicly announced that it had investigated, cited, and entered into settlement agreements with the companies for multiple violations of the state consumer protection laws.  The Division ultimately provided copies of the complaints to on January 16, 2015.

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