Vemma Complaints by the Numbers

July 9th, 2013

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3 Responses to Vemma Complaints by the Numbers

  1. JJerome711 says:

    40 Complaints in 3 years… gasp! That’s like…13.3 complaints a year, or a little over 1 per month. OHHHH man…

    Considering there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of brand partners and customers, I’d say that’s not to shabby!

    And, Illegal pyramid scheme? I mean, seriously…is that the best people can come up with?

  2. Simon says:

    You do realise what this website is, don’t you?

    Anyone who is looking to get involved in any company should do a little research and establish the positives and negatives. Wouldn’t you agree? This site is showing you something you don’t find from Vemma and is something that people may find useful.

    Whether or not you choose to take these complaints seriously is entirely up to you, but it’s information that should be available to all prospective customers and brand partners.

    The fact that a third of the complaints are about it being a pyramid scheme would be an immediate red flag for me. Even if it was just to get to the bottom of why numerous people think it a scam, it’s a company I wouldn’t be handing money over to any time soon.

  3. Real T. says:

    40 complaints over 4 years and this company is drawing this much attention? According to what I have read they have 200,000 to 300,000 distributors and/or customers. This is an extremely low complaint rate for a company receiving this much attention. Did you list all the sources in “agencies/individuals receiving complaints”?

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