Be Wary of the Loosely Regulated World of Weight Loss Supplements

January 10th, 2012

You’ve seen the ads – online, in magazines, and on TV.  Pop this “all natural” pill for easy weight loss with zero effort.  Those struggling with the roller coaster ride of weight gain and loss are often willing to try anything, and, unfortunately, the market is filled with bogus products that only work to slim down your bank account.  So what you must do is read the tiny fine print in these ads, which may reveal a slew of disclaimers including “results not typical,” “results may vary,” and our personal favorite, “not a non-fiction story.”

The truth is that supplements are only very loosely regulated by the FDA.  Unlike prescription drugs that undergo years of testing and clinical trials to prove their efficacy and safety, supplements need no pre-approval.  In addition, the term “natural” unfortunately means squat in terms of safety. Similar to prescription drugs, “natural” or “herbal” remedies can have adverse side effects or react badly with other drugs.

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