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Published on February 14th, 2013


Where Are Your Flowers Really From?

Ordering flowers delivered by a local florist? Not so fast—that florist may not be local after all.

A Missouri State Senator presented a bill last week that would ban deceptive advertising by florists. The senator, Jay Wasson, said when he checked a florist in his town of Nixa that had a local number, he found out the address listed was for a vacant lot.

He told the News-Leader it is a nationwide problem.

If you want to make sure your flowers are really from a local business, order them from a location you’ve actually seen in person or ask for a recommendation from someone who knows the area. An FTC consumer alert also suggests calling and asking for directions to the shop and seeing if the person on the phone hesitates. In addition, if you suspect the florist is not local, the agency advises that you ask for an itemized receipt so you can check to see if local taxes were applied.

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