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Published on July 11th, 2013


Work-at-Home Opportunities

“View a variety of legitimate work at home [sic] from all over the web,” says this spam email. “Start making money online from your home today,” it goes on. Clicking on the link in the email takes you to this website, where you can read about Theresa Andrews, a local mom who’s making a living working at home:


See all the references to Connecticut (where we at Truth in Advertising are located)? That must mean Theresa Andrews is a real local person using “Megan Jackson’s profit from home” system successfully. But look what happens if we don’t allow the website to know where we are:


Ahh, it seems that Theresa Andrews is not from Naugatuck, but from “city.” Or perhaps there is a Theresa Andrews, 28, in every city using this work from home system. Either way, something seems suspicious to us. Maybe stay away from this site.

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