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Published on July 19th, 2016


Youngevity Income Claims Database

A investigation has cataloged instances in which Youngevity and/or its distributors have made or referenced unusual earnings claims that lack appropriate legal disclosures. This company was notified of these findings and, on January 24, 2018, sent a response.

 * has shortened the length of some videos in the database and has added highlighting to some images in order to pinpoint the income claim(s).

7 figure incomes_Youtube
10k per month_Youngevity
61k monthly_Facebook
100 Millionaires_Facebook
100 Millionaires2_Facebook
Are you next
CEO Qualified_Youngevity
CEO Mega Pak
Corey Gold_Youtube
Dream Car_Youtube
Dr Luis & Evelia Arriaza_Youtube
Pitcock Opp Video Pt.1_Youtube
Pitcock Opp Video Pt. 2_Youtube
HBC Quick Start Training Script
If Money Was No Object_HBC Training Slides
In 2 Years_Youtube
Paid to Unlimited Levels_Youngevity
Tom and Denice Chenault_Youtube
Unlimited Income Potential_Youngevity


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